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since July 2018 to Sept 2018 11 letters and a parcel have failed to arrive having been sent from Canada France and the UK including two British government important documents. I am still waiting 10 days for there replacements which still have not arrived. they were sent priority . That would make 13 letters which have failed.
It can not be that 3 other countries simultaneously post systems failed.
either its total incompetence or we have a lazy postie who dumps letters

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i want to know why so many letters are lost

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  1. Auteur
    Dear Mr/Ms.Forsyth-Gray, I regret to hear that you have a bad experience with the delivery of your post and parcels. Unfortunately, the situation is not yet clear to me at this moment. Could you anwser the following questions:

    - Are you sure the letters and parcels would be delivered by PostNL? There are more postal organisations in The Netherlands. You could ask the sender what organisation was used and to who they hand the post over once it arrived in the Netherlands. The sender can also register a complaint at the post organisation they used to send them. Especially for the British documents it is best if you register the complaint at the sender.

    - Can you send the 3S/tracking codes of the parcels you are expecting?

    To registrer a complaint about the post you have not recieved I would like to receive the following information:

    - Your e-mail address.

    - The date's that the post was send.

    You can send the information in a reply or a personal message. Then I can look into the matter.

    I hope i have informed you sufficiently. If you still have questions of complaints in the future, please contact our Customer Service via www.postnl.nl.

    PostNL Customer service

  2. Auteur
    I have been trying to collect info as requested but as this in 4 different countries takes time The parcel arrived as a torn empty package in a plastic bag with a postal apology slip here is a reply from Uk passport office

    Dear Mr Forsyth-Gray

    Thank you for your enquiry.

    Priority service orders received before 4pm, will be despatched the next working day.

    Our records show that your Priority order was posted to you on the 29th August 2018, via Standard Airmail, in accordance with the despatch date on your order.

    For information on despatch and delivery times please see our website: https://www.gro.gov.uk/gro/content/certificates/most_customers_want_to_know.asp#Delivery2

    If you now require your order more urgently, you should re-order using our special delivery or courier service, this must be requested during the ordering process.

    If you have still not received your order, please complete our online contact form and we will investigate your query further.


    Suzanne Harrison

    Customer Correspondence Unit

    Civil Registration

    To date these along with an order dispatched a week ago have not arrived . also one letter posted in Durham 5 weeks ago not arrived also one from Morecombe Uk two letters 3 weeks ago not arrived, 3 letters from Toronto Canada posted 5 weeks a go for my birthday not arrived. I letter posted from berlin not arrived ,
    I can not believe all theses countries have lost all these items . I have received no mail expect a junk mail and one Ziggo bill in 8 weeks .
    WHERE IS MY MAIL K Forsyth-Gray
  3. Auteur
    Dear Mr Forsyth-Gray,

    I am sorry to hear that this many letters have not arrived. In this case, Because it are so many letters, I advice you to contact all the senders and ask them to register a complaint at the post organizations that were paid to send these letters. Since these are all unregistered letters without track&trace I cannot look into the current status or determine that they should be delivered by PostNL.

    I am glad that you got in touch with the UK passport office and that they are able to start an investigation for your important documents. I hope they can help you and find out what happened to those documents. If PostNL should have delivered those documents they will contact PostNL for assistance.

    Few more questions about the parcel:

    Do you also have the track&trace code for the parcel that has arrived with an apology slip?

    Was the apology slip from PostNL?

    I hope i have informed you sufficiently. If you still have questions of complaints in the future, please contact our Customer Service via www.postnl.nl.

    Sincerely, PostNL Customer service

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