Klacht POSTNL: My parcel was never delivered and if it is lost be honest and say it so I can get my refund

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Parcel status delivered but never received and not with neighbours

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Indicate on the system that the parcel is still in transit or lost but do not lie ! Better still find my stolen parcel!

I have attached proof from my PostNL app that no delivery was scheduled for the 10th from AliExpress the one still pending is a different order as seen in the final image. This item has already been delivered but is showing as pending

2 reacties

  1. Auteur
    Dear Sir / Madam,

    Thank you for your message. From your report I conclude that you have not received your package. I can imagine that this is very confusing. I am sorry to hear that our service has not met your expectations. I would like to respond to your message.

    Unfortunately I have received too little information from you to be able to handle your report immediately. To be able to serve you as well and as quickly as possible, I would like to receive the following information:

    - May I have your e-mail address?
    - Do you know anyone named "Shannon"?
    - Can you describe what the content of the package looks like?

    Once this information has been provided, your report will be processed further. You can provide the missing information via a response to this message.


    PostNL Customer service
  2. Auteur
    My surname is Shannon-van Zelst and there are no others with the name Shannon in our area
    Pair of trousers

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