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Dissapointed many times
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In my Email is from 8;15 till 10:45! I don't have all day to wait I hate it!!!!! I'm waiting from 8:15 till 10:45 nobody of course! I needed that package. Not the first time I hate this company! If you cant deliver stop it ok just stop it! I don't need excuses do you job as everybody else!

De oplossing

dont let wait people ... from 8:15 till 10:45 is not till 11:45!

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    Dear Sir, Madam,

    Thank you for your message. I’m sorry to hear that your parcel didn’t arrive within the timeframe. I can imagine that this must be very annoying. I would like to respond.

    We try to deliver within the timeframe, but can not promise this. The scheduled time that is shown at the tracking page is always an indication, perhaps the driver was experiencing delays or other difficulities during his route. I hope that the parcel is in your possession.

    I hope I have been of service. If you have any further questions or complaints regarding our service you can always let us know by contacting our customer service at www.postnl.nl

    Kind regards,

    PostNL Customer Service

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