Klacht POSTNL: Package delivered to somebody else and was not attempted to be delivered to me.

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De klacht

I ordered a delivery from Ziggo to be delivered to my apartment.

I received an email that it would be delivered Friday morning, the 27th of March. This did not suit me, so I asked them to please change it and I paid the extra fee to change the delivery slot to the evening.

I tracked the delivery on the app, which seemed to be going well, then when the driver was doing the stop before me, I went downstairs to meet him.

Whilst standing at the letterbox, I received an email on my phone that the delivery did not succeed.

I repeat, I was standing at the letterbox and the button they would have had to push to try and deliver my package.

So after paying for a different time and not getting my package, which nobody tried to deliver, they said they would try again today, the 28th.

I have been home, sitting, patiently waiting for my package. I get an email, oh the package has been delivered to the neighbors.

So, I don't know if the delivery person is lazy or incompetent, but they never attempted to find my door. They also say that they delivered it to the neighbors, but the neighbors are not home! How is it possible that basic mistakes like this can happen?

I understand that it is a difficult time due to the corona crisis, but that means people are home! This is simply ridiculous!

Before anybody thinks I am stupid, I tried at number 189, the number they said it was delivered too. The people are not home, so how was it delivered to them?

I would like for PostNL to find my package, as soon as possible, from whatever random person they have left it, and get it to me.

De oplossing

I would like for PostNL to find my package, as soon as possible, from whatever random person they have left it, and get it to me.

1 reactie

  1. Auteur
    Dear sir/madame,

    Thank you for your message. From your report I understand you have a complaint about the delivery of your parcel. I’m sorry to hear that our service doesn’t comply to your expectations. I would like to respond to your message.

    So sorry to hear the delivery went so bad for you. I would like to file a complaint so this can get talked over with the deliverer. Unfortunately, I didn’t receive enough information from you to treat your report immediately. To help you sufficiently I would like to receive the following information:

    - your e-mail address

    When u provide us with this information, your report will get treated. You can provide us with this missing information by reacting to this message.

    Kind regards,

    PostNL costumer service

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