Klacht POSTNL: Parcel not delivered and the Post.nl tracking information is incorrect again.

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I'm not having good luck with the Post.nl service.
I have another parcel shipped from the US that the sender has been told has been delivered, that the loggistics department has no record of receipt but the Post.nl tracking has a status of delivered!!!
This is exactly what happened less than a month ago. Three weeks after I complained,I received a card to collect the parcel at the post office.
What is the point of having a tracking system if it is not reliable?

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I would like to receive this parcel as it is not possible for the seller to replace the missing items.
According to Post.nl, the shipment was delivered on March 27 but the Logistics department of our office building does not have any record of receiving this package; they have checked twice.
The Dutch tracking number is: 3STBVE8784134.
This parcel was shipped from the US via APC Parcels of Zulderzeelan 80, 1382 JW Weesp.
The tracking details for the previous package that went missing last month also had an incorrect status of delivered but instead it was stuck within the Post.nl system.

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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I'm sorry that you didn't receive your parcel yet. If you visit our website and check your tracking code, you can see that the housenumber is not the same as the housenumber that you've sent with your message on Klachtenkompas. Maybe your parcel is delivered at that housenumber, so you can pick it up there.

    If you can't pick up your parcel there, I advise you to contact the sender. The sender is always responsible for your parcel until you receive it.

    Kind regards,

    PostNL Customer Service

Uiteindelijke oplossing

Uiteindelijke oplossing
This parcel was to be delivered to an office address. The building has a parcel receiving department. Why would you deliver to another address, when it is not the address specified? I suggest that you retrieve the parcel from the incorrect address and deliver it to the correct address ASAP.
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