Klacht POSTNL: Post NL mishandled my Parcels and they are lost

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Post NL

This is regarding the 3 missing parcels that were shipped on January 1st. Following are the tracking codes:

3SKABA2775068: This package never left Netherlands! PostNL lost it in their own sorting station. Moreover they are blaming me, the sender for not getting an insurance rather than fixing their own mistake!

3SKABA5596600 and 3SKABA4052608: These two were the heaviest packets out of the 11 boxes that I had sent. 
The service provider that was going to deliver the boxes to the receiver was Yodel.

1. There was never a tracking link provided from Yodel to the receiver

2. They never contacted the receiver about delivery attempts

3. Upon contacting PostNL regarding delayed shipment, the receiver was told that the address was wrong. This is impossible because 8 out of the 11 boxes that were shipped the same day, arrived without any problems.

4. The boxes were sent back to the Netherlands.

5. I, the sender, filled out a form with the return instructions on 5th of March 2020, but I haven’t received the boxes yet! It has been 3 months since the boxes were shipped!!!

6. When I contacted postNL again, they asked me if I knew what colours the boxes were! Don't they have tracking IDs on their parcel? What kind of an irresponsible company is this?

I had really valuable things in those boxes. The tracking shows that the boxes are still in the Netherlands. Had this been just one box, I would have understood this to be a one off incident. They have lost 3 of my boxes! 2 of them being the most valuable and the heaviest of the lot. Further, I saw on this forum that Post NL is quite unpopular for doing exactly the same mistake for many other people. I kindly request those be returned to the sender otherwise legal actions will follow.

Ashwathi Meethan

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1. I want the boxes shipped to the sender, me
2. In case the boxes are lost, I want monetary compensation including the value of the parcels.

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    Dear Sir, Madam,

    Thank you for your message. I’m sorry to hear that your parcels didn’t arrive and I can imagine that you would like a solution for this situation. I would like to respond.

    Your parcel with trackingnumber 3SKABA5596600 should arrive back at your address soon. My colleague of the research department has contacted you by phone yesterday to inform you about the status of the other parcels. She has send you an e-mail with more information. I advise you to reply to the e-mail, that way your message will be handled by the person that is handling your inquiries.

    I hope I have been of service. If you have any further questions or complaints regarding our service in the future you can always let us know by contacting our Customer Service at www.postnl.nl

    Kind regards,

    PostNL Customer Service

Uiteindelijke oplossing

Uiteindelijke oplossing
This was the response: "As agreed by telephone this morning, you will receive this email from me. I can give you following information. Unfortunately, the shipment with barcode 3SKABA2775068 shipped by you must be considered missing. We find this annoying for you and apologize for this. On March12th, my colleague Monique sent you an email about this and asked for your IBAN number and a copy of the shipping receipt to be able to reimburse the shipping costs. She never had a reaction to this and closed this case. Unfortunately, the shipment with barcode 3SKABA4052608 must also be considered missing. You have opted for standard shipments. Unfortunately, based on the conditions, I cannot offer you compensation for the content of your shipments. The next time you can choose to send your shipment by registered mail or with the insurance service. " This was a problem on their end for losing the package! How is this my problem?!
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