Klacht POSTNL: Post nl vehicle hit my Parked car

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Rick Versteeg, driving from PostNL Den Hoorn, hit my parked car on 11:30 am Saturday 18th March, on the street De Zijpe 2, Naaldwijk whilst delivering mail on the street.

I got his driver number - 369906.
I have no contact for him or his manager so I’m requesting assistance.

I have photos of the damage to his car and my car.
His nummerplaat is VGZ-97-J

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I want post nl to pay for the repairs to my vehicle.

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  1. Auteur
    Dear Sir, Madam,

    Thank you for your message. You indicate that a PostNL delivererer has caused damage to your car. I understand that you are disappointed by this and I apologize for this.

    It goes without saying that it is never the intention that damage is caused by a delivery person and I have now started an investigation. The handler will contact you within 3 working days about the further handling of the claim. In preparation for this, I ask that you take the following actions:

    • Prepare a written and signed statement describing:

    • Exact description of the damage

    • What date and time did it occur

    • Where exactly did it happen (address or location)

    • Information about the delivery person/bus, such as the name of the delivery person, number plate of the bus,
    description of the delivery person/bus

    • Your e-mailadress

    I assume that I have provided you with sufficient information. If you have any questions or complaints now or in the future, please contact our Customer Service at www.postnl.nl.


    PostNL Customer Service


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