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PostNL claimed that my package will be delivered between 18:15 and 20:30. I cleared some hours off work so I can stay at home in this timeframe. I stayed on my desk that overlooks the street so I do not miss the driver. At 18:41 I received a notification that the driver “missed me at home” which was an outrageous lie-no PostNL employee passed through my street and there was nothing in my mailbox. PostNL deliberately lied that they tried coming to my address-this is outrageous for a delivery company. If they notified my in the morning that the shipment could not be made it would have been better...but I had to waste time because of them. Afterwards I contacted customer’s support who did not acknowledge the lie at all and told me that if I do not receive my shipment in 3 DAYS they would talk to me again...ridiculous

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Customer’s support to admit that an employee lied that they were on my address and to at least TRY to assist me with sending my shipment in the next day in the fastest way possible.

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  1. Auteur
    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Thank you for your message. From your report I understand that you have a complaint about the delivery of your parcel. I am sorry to hear that our service has not met your expectations. I would like to respond to your message.

    I'm really sorry the delivery man did not actually visit your address. I can understand that you are not happy about this situation at all. Unfortunately, I have received too little information from you to be able to handle your report immediately. To be able to serve you as well and as quickly as possible, I would like to receive the following information:

    - your mail address;
    - your tracking number;
    - a confirmation whether your doorbell works properly.

    Once this information has been provided, your report will be processed further. You can provide the missing information via a private response to this message.


    PostNL Customer service

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