Klacht POSTNL: Postnl loses track of the packages and ask for additional money to do their work.

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In January, I delivered some vitamins for my parents to China.
The person in the shop asked me whether to buy an additional product called Track & Trace, which cost about 6 euro more.
At that moment I thought, I have already paid for the basic delivery cost, as long as they do the work, it is not necessary to track it myself.
Therefore I did not buy this additional service.
Now the package is lost, I called them and they say:
because I did not buy this additional service, they are not responsible for my package at all, no information, no insurance and nothing can be done.
I was shocked by what they say. According to them, they don't do any tracking of the good (internally?). People can just take it home or threw it away?
Apparently, it seems like the basic cost (18 Euro) is not enough for them to do the work. Not buying the additional service = your thing would be lost. This is weird. If they told me so, I would have bought the service. Comparing to my loss now, it is nothing.

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Inform me where was the package according to their last record.
Take their responsibility for the loss if the package is lost.

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    Dear mr/ms Liu,

    Thank you for your message. I'm sorry to read that your parcel hasn't been received by the recipient.

    Unfortunately, we are unable to provide additional information, or start an inquiry as the parcel was shipped without a tracking code. I apologize for the inconvenience. I would ask to consider sender parcels with a tracking code in the future.

    For future questions, please contact customer service via www.postnl.nl.

    Kind regards,

    PostNL Customer Service

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