Klacht POSTNL: PostNL refuses to recognize misplaced/undelivered goods by the driver

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Driver forgot to give some bags to me, so just partially delivered my goods. I called immediately, was told it was a bit too late (11pm on Friday, it was a busy day for the driver), and told to call the next working day so that they can tell me whether they found undelivered goods that belong to me so they can arrange for a new delivery.

I called the next working day multiple times, as instructed, only to be met with customer service people only telling me to CONTACT THE SENDER 10 times, telling me the goods are not insured and they cannot help me. PostNL’s insistence in making potentially misplaced and undelivered goods disappear rather than simply checking with the driver and possibly retrieve them makes one wonder if they purposely destroy goods they can “afford” to lose. Their escalation of an easily corrected issue shows the inflexibility of the employees. Also, customer service is rude, sarcastic, barely speak English, and deliberately hangs up on me in the middle of my sentence. Two people on the phone did exactly the same.

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First of all, I want to know the names of the two representatives i spoke to on the phone and I want to talk to their supervisors/ managers.

Secondly, PostNL needs to recognize its inflexibility- not everyone is there to ask for compensation, just because my goods were not insured doesn’t mean you do not have to help me. PostNL needs to take responsibility in recognizing how it escalated the situation unnecessarily- all I wanted was for the driver who left a short while ago to check if he forgot to deliver several bags that belonged to me, but your customer service all treat me like public enemy and refuse to tell me anything. This type of “your package is for sure already lost” attitude is toxic and needs to be recognized and corrected.

Thirdly, I demand to know what actually is the protocol in case goods are left on a delivery truck at the end of the day, since PostNL chat operator also hang up on me when I asked about this.

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    Dear sir or madam Cui,

    It is unfortunate that you have not received all parts of your parcel. As such, I would like to explain our protocol regarding undelivered parcels.

    As it is impossible for us to directly contact the courier, we have to stick to protocol. In this case, protocol is to direct you to the sender so they can contact us for an inquiry. That way, we can research what happened to your parcel. The same is the case for parcels which were not delivered in full.

    Secondly, I cannot provide you with the contact information of my colleagues. I am sorry.

    If you are left with any questions, please contact our customer service through www.postnl.nl/contact.

    With kind regards,


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