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My parcel has been lost in transit to, Paris, France. I have a package sent on 5 August 2016. This has arrived in Paris and arrived to receiver, the recipient was not home. Furthermore, there is not left a note or the like in order to pick up the package somewhere else. In addition, the package is never offered a second time. Through international tracking I've had a few times to contact POSTNL claiming that the package is delivered to COLIS RELAIS and receiver must collect it there. The package is not found in COLIS RELAIS, POST.NL was explaining and sending email to me MY PACKAGE HAS VANISHED. As of August 23, there is no status updates have been through Track and Trace and COLIS RELAIS.
If POSTNL don’t give me proper and timely response I will send a complaint to the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM).

De oplossing

My question to Post.NL is where my package, who will pay my damage.

3 reacties

  1. Auteur
    Dear Ms. Plotkin,

    Thank you for your message at Klachtenkompas.nl. I’m very sorry to hear that your parcel has not been delivered in France yet. I realise that this is very annoying for you.

    Based on the trackingnumber of the parcel, I checked and according to my information you have already been informed about the outcome of the investigation. I understand that the outcome is not what you expected, but I can not change this. Because the parcel was send without insurance I’m afraid it’s not possible to give you a refund. My apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.

    Hoping to have provided you with sufficient information.

    With kind regards,

    PostNL Klantenservice
  2. Auteur
    Sear Tamara,
    I trust POST.NL and I worked with your company years. I do not accept this solution because it does not answer my problem. Reconsidering your service I would like to that you may rethink your proposal. At least you could make deep investigation with your French coworker. A package can not disappear suddenly and I cant understand no one is accountable for the lost of my package.
    I need proper solution asap.
  3. Auteur
    Dear Ms. Plotkin,

    I'm sorry to read that you're not happy with the handling of your complaint. Unfortunately, I can't give you another answer as my colleague already did.

    You can submit your complaint within one year to the Geschillencommissie Post. The Geschillencommissie Post attempts to reach a settlement between the two parties. If that fails, the Geschillencommissie gives a binding advice.

    Handling of your complaint at the Geschillencommissie Post costs €27,50, which you can get refunded if you have been equated. You can call 070-3105310 or visit http://www.degeschillencommissie.nl/

    Kind regards,


    PostNL Klantenservice

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