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My document in letter!!!!
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I tracked my letter from Letland,it says it stuck in Gravenhage,Den Haag NLAmsa. Last update was 12.07.19. And no more update?! Inside is a document!!!! I mean not a first time packages were lost bit what kind od people are living for working?!

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Find it and send it

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    Dear sir/madam,

    Thank you for your message on this website. I understand you want to know where your parcel from Letland is. I will respond to your message.

    I have checked this tracking number for you. I see it has arrived in The Netherlands on the 11th of July. I also see that your address never has been linked to the track and trace. That is the reason why you can not trace this parcel.

    I advise you to contact the sender for this. The sender can start an inquiry at the company they have used to send this parcel with.

    Kind regards,
    Customer service PostNL

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