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De klacht

Dear PostNL,

I ordered a parcel on the 20th of July it was delivered to me, I picked it up on the 24th of July at the post office because I was not home. I paid €19,03 in customs charges for it only to open it up and not find my product inside. I contacted the company and they told me that this was not a mistake on their part because the weight of the parcel was the correct weight with the product in it when it was posted to me. I assume that during the customs clearance the product was taken out and never replaced. I have contacted PostNL many times about this and there have been no solutions. The company I made an order from were kind enough to resend me a new product - which arrived at Schiphol Airport on the 1st of August at around 10am. The notification I have on the USPS tracking site is as follows: Your item departed a transfer airport in AMSTERDAM-SCHIPHOL, AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS on August 1, 2017 at 10:02 am. The item is currently in transit to the destination.

Once I called PostNL to update me as to where my parcel currently is as it seems it has been 'in transit to the destination' for over 2 weeks, no one could provide me with an answer due to the fact that there was no Dutch tracking code which begins with BS. I called the customs office at Schiphol to check and they informed me and parcels that enter into the Netherlands always go through PostNL first where they receive a trace code and then passed on to customs. However, not one single person at PostNL can give me any information on it. This is absurd conduct for a national postal service and I would very much like to be fully reimbursed for my customs charges as well as product charges as I never received my product nor did I receive its replacement.


P. Somers

De oplossing

I would like to be compensated or have my parcel reach me.

3 reacties

  1. Auteur
    Dear sit, madam Somers,

    I am very sorry that the content of the first parcel was missing and that you have not received the second parcel yet. I can imagine that you are getting worried.

    I see that there has been made a complaint to keep an eye on this. It is not possible to reimburse you for the missing product. You can try to sent an objection against the clearance. This needs to be done within 6 weeks after you paid these costs. You can sent this objection to; PostNL Pakketten tav KR-SCIP Postbus 99180, 8900 NA Leeuwarden.

    I am not able to track the second parcel yet. If you don’t receive the parcel soon I can only advise you to contact the sender again.

    Kind regards,

    PostNL Customer Service
  2. Auteur
    This is the answer I keep receiving from PostNL that nothing can be done and I need to contact the sender again. Ridiculous and unprofessional answer as PostNL was in control of BOTH my parcels. It's also absurd that I will not receive reimbursement for the product as one of your colleagues that I spoke to over the phone said I would receive full reimbursement due to the failure on PostNL's part to keep track of not one but two parcels. I have still NOT received my parcel and I have been sent running left right and centre from PostNL to try to look for it. Such unprofessional behaviour from a NATIONAL postal service.
  3. Auteur
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    Dear sir, madam Somers,

    I understand this is very frustrating for you.

    We can't reimburse parcels from out of The Netherlands. Because there is nothing to reimburse. We didn't receive any payment from the sender, the organisation the sender used has got the payment from the sender. There for you should contact the sender for this.

    I wish you a good day further and hope the sender will solve this soon with you.

    Kind regards,

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