Klacht Q-Park: 78 euros lost ticket

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De klacht

The Q-Park parking in Den Haag just next to central station where I reside and have a mothly subscription, charged me 78 euros, on top of my monthly payment, on 14-01-2014 at around 8:13.
The reason is that I forgot the transponder I usually carry to enter the car park.
However, the night before, at around 18:00 pm I entered the car park by pressing the help button and the assistant lifted the barrier so I could get in even without my Q-Park transponder.
On my way out, the next day, I was told that I could not get out the same way as I got in and I had to pay the fine of 78 euros.
I think this is not a correct procedure and would like a total refund of my money.

De oplossing

The refund of 78 euros

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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