Klacht Restaurant de Polderei: unknown substances in food, hygiene and discriminative words

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De klacht

We ordered two kip sate, found at least 5 “hair like” black strings from both of our meals. We spoke first with the waitress, and then after with the chef, they both insisted that they were the strings that fell from their BBQ brush head. As you can see in the picture, the longest and straight one was taken from the brush and the other two were taken from our food. The texture didn’t look the same: the two in our plate had a black round head at the end, but the one from the brush is straight and long. The chef said the difference was due to the heat.
We weren’t able to verify what exactly those things were, but we thought we’d deserve an apology, but No, they were all the time arrogant and didn’t show a hint of regret, which was later proven by the owner’s reply to our comment in Google map. Being unfairly treated in person and and stigmatized by their reply on google map, we’d like to address the below bullet points:
Never regret for having unknown substances in their food: they were insisting so hard that those “black strings “ were from the brush and we didn’t get any apology.
Stigmatized us: accusing us of putting hair in the food by ourselves for a free meal. This is so self-conflicting: they even admitted before that those are from the brush!!
Used words of discrimination and rasicm: The way they described us as “suspicious”, assumed that we lied to get a free meal because they thought we couldn’t afford or the normal size kip sate was too big for us, and that they laughed at us all night.

The first reply to Monica Qiao: https://goo.gl/maps/Dfxt8VHrUegjcwJ48

“Beste mevrouw Monica Qiao,

Vanaf het moment dat u onze zaak binnen kwam wist ik al dat er iets mis zou gaan aan uw tafel, u denkt tocht niet dat ik u serieus neem wanneer u beweerd 5 schaamharen in uw eten te hebben?
U was er op uit een gratis maaltijd te krijgen maar daar trappen wij helaas voor u niet in.

Wel chapeau voor u toneelstuk, we hebben in ieder geval kunnen lachen gisteren avond.”

The reply to YC: https://goo.gl/maps/Ywjcw5MN71f9iE7J9

“Eerst wilt u een patatje mee nemen, dan besluit u een hele kipsaté te bestellen welke u wilde delen met uw vriendin, dan besteld u er toch maar twee.

Het was mij overduidelijk dat dit te veel voor jullie was.

Maar om nou te verzinnen dat er schaamharen in jullie eten aanwezig was om een gratis maaltijd te krijgen, sorry maar wij nuchtere Hollanders trappen daar niet in, jammer hé.”

De oplossing

First, place a statement on the homepage of your official website (in both English and Dutch) that lasts for at least one year.

Second, make a formal apology to the two mistreated customers who suffered from your prejudiced assumption and discriminatory remarks, which shall be in the written format and with the signatures from the owner of the Restaurant de Polderei in Anna Paulowna, the responsible chef, and the responsible waitress.

Third, conduct a thorough investigation – if necessary, involving the independent third party – into the mistreated customers’ complaint about the unknown substances (i.e. at least four pieces of human-hair-like strings) in the two dishes served by your restaurant at around 18:45 on 5 September 2021.

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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