Klacht RMS Transport: The owner of the company did not refund us the cost of unfinished work in our garden!

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Hello Team,

Would like to report an issue that we are currently having with a company RMS Transport | Top Renovations. this company operates under this 2 names and register under kvk 68343353
Short history:
1) We initially hired them to do renovations in 2 bedrooms and attic after we installed dakkapel. The work involved plastering and painting. This work was completed. We also asked them to fix our ventilation however we noticed in October that it was not sealed properly hence the air (cooking smells) was still coming out hence into our house. This was exactly what we wanted to stop. We notified them in October but until today the company did not send anyone to fix it. We did however pay the invoice in full - bedroom renovation and ventilation on 15th of August.(advance payment was paid on 12th of July)
2)Then in September we hired them to renovate our garden. The company provided with a quote and asked for an advance payment of 2424.20 eur for materials for the deck.The garden landscaping meant removing the stones in our garden and then building a deck, lay artificial grass and stones. The work started on Tuesday, 22nd of September and incurred a lot of delays/excuses from companies side which lead to beginning of November when company wrote us that they will send us a refund and that we should find another company to finish the work. The delays/ excuses were due to rain, lack of people or them being too busy to finish the work.
Initially we asked them to finish the work but since they insisted that they are busy we started to look for another company. The work in the garden was finally completed by the 2nd company in the week of December 8th.
Nevertheless from November until today we are still trying to get our refund. I should mention that we bought the artificial grass which was installed wrongly (the new company had to remove it, redo the work), the deck required some reparations since the draining pipes were leaking.
We do have the email communications as well as all the whatsapp exchanges from september until today. Basically to deduct from the initial advance payment the work already done and also pay for the damage artificial grass (they agreed verbally to refund).
Until this day nothing happened and it is being delayed despite the numerous reminders, phone calls that the company does not answer.

Can you please provide us with an advice on what steps we should take on both points?
Thank you

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I want them to send us the refund as we agreed (approx 700 EUR) and come pick up their tools that they abandoned since November 2020!

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Bedrijf status


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