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De klacht

My apologies if I don't speak Dutch.
On the 06/12/2014 I bought a vaporizer for 229 EUR, the Da Vinci Ascent. I tried it and it was not working.
When I went to give it back, I was told that a new one would have arrived in few days: the personnel who tried it agreed that the product was not working properly.
I got back therein few days and got the second vaporizer: when I tried it at home but also the second one was not working, at all.
I brought it back and showed to the guy at the desk that it was not working.
At that point I asked my money back, with the receipt in my hand.
He spoke with his manager and he told him to send me away because I would have not get anything back, even if the product was not working. I even tried to reach an agreement and asked for less money in return, but the manager, on the phone, said that I will not get my money back and neither the product will be changed anymore.

De oplossing

I am only expecting to get my money back. The product is new, I only used it once to realize that it is not working. I don't want another product back because I absolutely don't trust the shop and the company as well.
This product is a fraud. I am ready to demonstrate that it is not working.

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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