Klacht RV Repair: Service done poorly on Xperia Z2 / refusal to respect warranty

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Saturday the 20th of February I went to RV Repair in order to get the back cover of my Xperia Z2 replaced. Ali, the person in charge, replaced it, but I immediately noticed that it was poorly glued to the phone. I explicitly told him that, and he said that it was normal, that I should wait for the glue to dry, and that if something happened I could get back later for it to be fixed.
I then left the phone resting in order for the glue to dry. Less than a week later, the back cover falls out of the phone and gets broken. The back cover gets broken because it was not glued to the phone appropriately, as I explained to Ali since the beginning. When calling him to ask for reparation, as defined by the warranty, he says I have to pay 50% of the price - again - in order for me to have it done. Also, that I was "too late"! This is an absurd. It broke completely due to the poor service performed. I have the right to have the full €40 returned.

De oplossing

The amount of € 40,00 paid back.

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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