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Samsung claims the Samsung Galaxy watch is compatible with the iPhone.

It is only very partially!

One can not purchase apps and watch faces on the iPhone.
Only free apps and watch faces can be installed.
The selection of free faces is moderate. The selection of free apps is very small!

After logging pairing the watch with a friends Samsung Smartphone and logging in to my Samsung account, I can purchase apps and watch faces.
But as soon as I pair back with my iPhone, these apps and faces are automatically erased.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is a stand-alone device and doesn't need an active connection with any Smartphone for the installed apps and faces to continue operating.

I could throw away my Samsung Smartphone after installing apps and watch faces and never turn it on again. And my apps and watch faces would remain on my Samsung Galaxy Watch.

The fact that Samsung automatically erases them when pairing with an iPhone is a contious choice!
It has nothing to do with the "there is no Samsung Pay on iPhone" or "Apple with its closed system is being a meany" excuse.
Other 'wearables' can connect, sync and operate just fine with an iPhone.

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Make purchases cloud based, so after logging in to your Samsung account on any Smartwatch (iPhone) or your Samsung Smartwatch, you can access all apps and watch faces you purchased and reinstall them on the Galaxy Watch.

Or at least, leave apps and watch faces that you've purchased and paid for on the watch after pairing it from a Samsung Smartphone to an iPhone.

And if you choose not to do this, mention the very limited compatibility with iPhones on your Samsung Galaxy Watch product page.

What you do now is not just false advertisement, its fraud!

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Bedrijf status


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