Klacht Sanitairkamer.nl: Complete lack of response to Store's and warehouse mistake. Products missing in order

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On 27 June 2020 I made a big purchase of about 10 different products, 8 of them were delivered on different days. The remaining two are still missing. One of them (product no. 1196884) is supposed to be available but has not been delivered yet. The second product is the main problem (product no. SK27444). It was supposed to take 3 to 4 weeks to be available but when it was not delivered after that, I contacted the company and asked for it. Every time I called someone told me they needed to find out what had happened and would called me back, but never did. After no less than 9 different calls (all initiated by me), someone told me the product was lost in the warehouse and needed to be re-ordered. They told me I would get an email with the confirmation.
About 2 days later I got an email (in Dutch, which I don't speak and the employees knew from all my phone conversations), which I assumed was the confirmation of the new order. I waited again 3-4 weeks for its delivery and when it didn't arrive, I called again on Friday 25 September and someone told me that the email was a cancelation confirmation.
I expressed my concern and anger that after all the problems I had to endure on their part, someone cancelled my order instead of making a new one as I was informed it would happen.
Again I was told I would be contacted about it since they needed to find out what happened. Today, Tuesday 29 I've called two times and and still have no proper response as to what happened, agents keep saying they will contact me back and never do. I haven't been offered any explanations, no one ever even apologized for all the unnecessary stress and unless I call them, no one ever had the imitative to call me and explain what has happened. I still don't have the two items I purchased in June 26 and there is no response from the company.

De oplossing

I want both products delivered with no delays. I would also appreciate an apology

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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