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Kan geen contact krijgen met bedrijf. Ik zou binnen 3 maanden geld teruggestort krijgen van tickets. Ik ben inmiddels meer dan half jaar aan het wachten.

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Dear sir, madam,

I'm still waiting for a refund due to the cancellation of my flight 22/04/2020 Amsterdam-Bangkok vv 2 persons.

I was informed (july 2020) that I would get my refund within 3 months. We are now 6 months later. Can you give me an update about the status of the refund or look further into my case.


Michael van der Weg

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    Schiphol Tickets
    Dear Michael,

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us and providing your booking details.

    We are aware that some refunds are being delayed longer than usual, due to airlines taking a long time to approve refunds. The approval of the refund by the airline is an essential step so that, later, the travel agency can make the refund of the corresponding amounts.

    One of our agents is going to have a look at your case, contact the airline (if necessary) to ask for an update, and come back to you with further details.

    Should you have any further requests, please don´t hesitate to contact us by answering the e-mail thread with our colleagues.

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    Schiphol Tickets
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    Dear customer,

    We have been informed that the refund has been authorized, so we are going to give your money back in the same payment method that you provided when booking your flight. During the next few days (max 2 weeks) you will see the value reflected in your bank account.

    In any case, you must have received an e-mail from our Advanced Support team with all the details. This e-mail has been sent to the same address you indicated in the purchase process.

    Should you have any further requests, please don´t hesitate to contact us by answering the e-mail thread already opened with our colleagues.

    Kind regards

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