Klacht Siebel juweliers: They dont want to refund my money

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Cristina Amstelveen
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It turns out that I had bought a gift for someone and changed my mind later, when I returned to the store to return the item, the girl told me that they did not refund the money, that I had to accept a change or accept some gift cards to spend in that store.

I feel that it is not fair because the item was not even used at any time and I returned it the fifth day after the purchase, and nobody explained those company policies to me when I made the purchase, they took advantage of the fact that I do not speak English, nor Dutch, I wrote this message using google translator.

I think that as a client I have the right to recover the money because I am not interested in any of the other items they sell because they are too expensive and I cannot afford them, the item I bought was the cheapest I found, and now they want to force me to use some gift cards, that doesn't seem fair.

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Refund my money please

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Bedrijf status


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