Klacht Simyo: Without warning, Simyo went into minus 200 euros!!!

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Without warning, Simyo went into minus 200 euros!!! I had 0 money in my account, but simjo went into the red! I'm in shock, simjo scammers, give me back my money!!!

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Give me back my 200 euros

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    Hi M. Nikitina,

    Thank you for your message. I can imagine you were shocked because of these costs. I'm going to explain to you what has happened.

    We at Simyo are transparent about the fact that we do not have a data limit. For this reason, we always send two warning text messages at 80% and 100% usage of the internet bundle. These text messages come directly from the network and are always leading. In the last text message we also clearly indicate what the rate will be from that moment on (€ 0.15 per MB) and that it is wise to switch off the internet or to buy an additional internet bundle. At Simyo we do our best to warn our customers in time. If you have incurred high costs outside your bundle within a short period of time, we will block your SIM card as a precaution.

    On our website we have a blog with useful internet saving tips: https://www.simyo.nl/blog/dataverbruik-data-besparen-datalimiet/. If you have an Android phone, it is often possible to set a data limit in your phone. Unfortunately, this is not possible with an iPhone.

    We can understand that things can go wrong. I have explained the situation to our finance department and I suggest that we convert the usage into additional 500 MB bundles purchased for €5. You will then only pay an amount of €10 outside the bundle. This is the amount you would pay if you bought additional MBs, so we think that is an appropriate solution. I will make sure that you receive a separate confirmation email about this as soon as possible.

    Please note that we can only offer this compensation once, so I recommend that you pay close attention to our warning text messages in the future and read through the tips of our blog.

    If you have any questions, please send us an e-mail to webcare@simyo.nl with your personal data and a reference to this complaint.

    Kind regards,

    Simyo Webcare

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