Klacht Solar Svea: The Solar Svea doesn't want to invest into repair of the system which is under the guarantee.

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My solar pannells were installed in 13 April 2021. Since the very beginning the inverter makes very loud noise (regular noisy clicking) every morning and every evening for 1.5-2 hours starting at 6:20 in the morning . I sent my frst email 29/4/2021 as via phone it was useless. The company sent technician from the solar edge company, he did some changes but the noise remains. He also confirmed that the system doesn't behave properly and should be replaced. I contacted already solar edge HQ in Sweeden, they confirmed the same, I asked my colleagues that have a solar panel installed and they also confirmed they don't have the issue which I have. My son sleeps 2 meters from the invertor and we have a bedroom on the floor below. None of us can sleep properly unless the system is off. We are very unhappy with the system, it is affecting the well-being of the whole family.

The Solar svea company doesnt want to invest in any repars but they also dont want to take the system back threatening that removal of the system will cost me money. I sent them numerous emails, and no proper feedeback . I am afraid I have to live with the mulfunctioning product which was very expensive and can relly mentally ruin my family as we dont have enough proper sleep (unless the system is switched off) . The system is under guarantee. Please advice what to do, many thanks in advance, kind regards, Ingrid

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To send them email remaining my rights as customer and their obligations as the service provider and invite them to make steps to repair the system which is under guarantee.

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Bedrijf status


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