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In 15-08-2011, I bought a Sony TV in Mediamarkt. Several days later, I found the TV screen flickering. I immediately contacted Mediamarkt who told us to contact Sony repaircenter. I called and there came a person who repaired the TV twice and even took the TV to their workshop for repairment. But still the TV was flickering. This person told us the TV itself had no any problem. It is only because of our house electricity flow was not stable. He can do nothing about it. I trusted his conclusion. However, I have moved to another new house with new installation this year. But the TV is still flickering. But the other TV does not flicker.Then I finally realize that this Sony TV itself has problem.The Sony repair center has cheated us for more than two years! I immediately contacted the repair center and Sony. This time, they told me they can come and fix it, but I need to pay all the repair cost. And refuse to apologize for their cheating on me.I also contacted Mediamarkt but no reply yet.

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1. I requie that Sony compensate me with a new TV without any problem.
2. Sony repair center should apologize to me for their cheating on me for more than two years.

2 reacties

  1. Auteur
    Sony Consumenten Electronica
    Dear Mrs. Yan,
    We are sorry to hear about your experience, an employee of our customer information center will contact you within 24 hrs (working days).Kind regards,
    Consumer Relations
    Sony Benelux, a branch of Sony Europe Limited
  2. Auteur
    Sony has a decision. I need to pay for the TV diagnosing cost. Because the TV has been flickering for such a long time. But I think the long-time flickering problem is not my fault. It is because of Sony Repair center told me the flickering is only because of my house unsteady electricity flow three years ago. Now I don't want to pay because it is not my fault. It is hard to believe that Sony TV can not adapt to normal house electricity flow and customer needs to pay to their bad technology.

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