Klacht Sony Consumenten Electronica: Sony refusing to fix/refund their defective wh1000xm2 headphones

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I was interested in the wh1000xm2 headphones. I did some research and found that a previous generation of Sony headphones had issues with the sideband cracking.
I thought I should reach out to Sony to ask them if this issue was definitely fixed or not in the wh1000xm2's or if it could still be an issue.
After several emails they confirmed there was absolutely no issue with the headbands cracking anymore. This led me to purchase the 379euro headphones.
Just after my warranty had expired I could not believe that this exact defect was now on my headphones! Despite treating them very carefully, they are without any damage (other than the cracking headband).
I have a full email history showing how Sony told me the headphones are OK and their most recent failure to fix them without cost.

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Fix the headphones or refund me

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