Klacht Spoedopleiding Brabant: Quality of service and money return

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De klacht

I requested for fast driving training with English speaking teacher in Eindhoven. Spoedopleiding Brabant agreed. We exchanged mails but they were in Dutch (I don't understand Dutch clearly).
Company didn't let me to meet with the driver before the service and claimed 299e. Meaning of this fee was explained as advance payment to let them book exam for me.
During the lesson which was in 20-01-2016 I was disappointed with an instructor because he didn’t have a sufficient English level that caused misunderstandings during the driving and I was disappointed with his personal skills. Also the instructor didn't provide me the contract during the first time so i insisted to bring it the next time.
Later that day we called the company asking some questions and opportunity to change the instructor. It wasn’t possible.
The next day (21-01-2016) when I had a second lesson the driver didn’t start it from providing me the contract. He started from driving. The 1,5 hours he behaved arrogant, aggressive that caused me a lot of stress and eventually brought me to a huisarts next day. At the end he gave me comments that I don’t know how to drive and he doesn’t want to work with me.

I asked company for replacement of driver - English speaking driver in Eindhoven able to provide me speed training on decent quality level.
They proposed 2 solutions with no options open:
1. Drive in Weert (where i have to travel myself)
2. Instructor in 4-5 weeks with my payment of 500e in advance
Both options are not suitable for me. I need to drive in Eindhoven and can't wait so long. I prefer go to another school.
Owner for now is not willing to give me any money back. I proposed to pay him hours i drove and the rest send me back but he disagreed. Currently the service is not provided but money are taken by this company.
Could you help me with mediation?

De oplossing

I would like to pay for amount of hours I drove (2,5 hours) based on their tariff (35euro per hour) and receive the rest of the money back because Spoedopleiding Brabant is not able provide me service I need at the agreed time.
I need to find another school fast because I can't wait 4 weeks. I am also not sure what quality Spoedopleiding Brabant will provide.

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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