Klacht SportsNuts.nl: less products delivered than paid for, no answer to inquiry about the rest

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De klacht

I received a groupon for this seller as a gift so we decided to try it out and buy some dry fruit and nuts. When the order arrived we were surprised to notice that the box did not contain all the products ordered. Out of the 3kg dry Spanish figs paid for, the package did not contain a single fig! (this in itself is a rip-off of 21 euro) Then we also weighed the dry apricots and found out that we only received 1250g out of the 2kg paid for. We thought the rest of the products would arrive later in a separate package. Maybe they were not in stock and the seller wanted to provide good service and deliver quiclky, right? Wrong. Two weeks later we still did not receive anything so we contacted the seller using the contact form on their site. No answer. Few days later we sent them another message, again no answer. So this is the next step to try to get from this seller what we paid for. Unfortunately we paid via bank transfer... What a mistake.

De oplossing

I would like to receive the products for which we paid. Or the money back.

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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