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For those of you who are on the mailing list of this company (or actually one person) and those who are thinking of ever ordering something ...
please think again. we have ordered EUR 300 worth of stuff from this company,
which was never delievered, and which obviously will never be delivered.
We have had numerous contacts with the company (person) who lied to us time after time that the order was sent, int he post office, would be resent tomorrow, would be sent right away from the new incoming batch..blah blah blah. Nothing ever came true. And nohting will. And i read here now that what he sells is total B.S. So if you care for your health, your money and your time (not to mention your hair), stay away from this site. I also urge anyone who has ever been a victim to write here, so the others would be discouraged. P.S. for those of you who have been cheated of their heatlh, there is a big chance that the site will be closed. So...extra carefull!!!

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money back...

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Bedrijf status


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