Klacht Student Verhuizers: A house move can be stressful, but with StudentVerhuis it will be more stressful.

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The company came in late, broke a mirror that is still brand new in its packaging, yelled and threatened me that they will not do any work if I will not behave nicely.
They didn't do the complete work as agreed in removing the items from the old house, caused damage to some furniture, and didn't reassemble some of the furniture that they said they will reassemble because they were in a rush to another customer.
The worst part for me was that they didn't secure my baby's bed, and left the backboard hanging without any tightening of the screws, and I found about it only by accident because I had to look for something under her bed.
This could have ended much worse, and luckily, it didn't.
I also had to pay twice the amount than the estimation, but never received an invoice.

De oplossing

I want the company to compensate me for the damages that were done, and for risking my daughters health and safety by leaving her bed untightened.

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Bedrijf status


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