Klacht Supersaver Travel: not paying my refund for which I am fully eligible.

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Yogesh Hadia
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I had booked the ticket through supersaver, one of the flight was cancelled by Etihad airlines so I recieved the message that if suitable option of other flight is not available I can cancel the whole ticket and get full refund. I have email from supersaver that the ticket is cancelled and I will recieve the refund in 3 weeks but when I call after 3 weeks they told it could take maximum 8 weeks and still I have not received my refund back, and its a big amount and I have to chase for my own money begging them to pay me back. this is not fair for customers and these company should be punished at any cost. I will fight till end till I get my money back or these company gets punished.

De oplossing

Please send a notice to Supersaver to pay my refund becasue I cancelled the ticket and booked new ticket only after they confirm me by email that my ticket is cancelled and I will recieve my full refund.

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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