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(English) On 10/09/21, I have signed up for fiber connection at my home, and up until this week I have heard absolutely NOTHING from T-Mobile. I then decided to try and get some information. I called customer service, spent over 2 hours on the phone, had 3 different persons telling me they would transfer to the right one, and ended up being give the phone number of (apparently) the company supposed to do some technical work, for me to call. Since this is clearly not satisfying, I called again, wasted another 1.5 hour, but this time was told that, I quote: "Internet is available to order, but not yet available to get online yet. The network administrator is fixing all the cable work including the split. Once this is done, they will contact us to send you the installation package!". Still not satisfying, is it?
So I called again, this time I called the Sales phone number. I asked about the installation time for my address, and the person told me 2 weeks max (!!!). When I told him that I had a previous order for 2.5 months, he was baffled. In any case, the previous order had to be cancelled and a new one created. Not sure if it was to hide the root cause of the issue or your poor service.
Anyway, I went to check on my portal page, and the "new" order is not there. So, what do you do? Yup, call again. Another 2 hours down the drain to be told that I needed to call KPN to organize some technical work. You would think this could be a critical bit in the system but, guess what, I was NEVER given this information.
So, in short: 2.5 months of waiting in vain, 6 hours of frustration on the phone, 6 (7 including the Twitter account) persons giving me different information every time I call, ZERO explanation as to what went wrong, ZERO apologies, ZERO understanding for the fact that this is - by far - the worst customer experience I had in my life. To be fair, I have absolutely no expectation this text will be read, and even less acknowledged, but I need it to be public: T-Systems customer service is absolutely and utterly PATHETIC. The worst bit is that this is a structural issue, the persons I spoke to were legitimately trying to help but don't have all the information (or sometimes knowledge) to be able to do their jobs properly.
I guess I will just wait for my contracts to expire and move all my subscriptions to another company.

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I am not sure I can be helped, at this stage I lost hope in the ability of this company to do something right.

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Bedrijf status


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