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I notified T-Mobile of mvoing out of my home where I had subscribed to their services.
I provided them with a digital transcript of registering my move to another municipality.
Still they insisted for months on me sending various different documentation which (in one case) costs money to obtain.
In the mean time, they have been charging me for services at the address where I have not lived for almost 6 months.
Lately, they have conceded that they will terminate the subscription, but only going forward.
I also want a refund of the charges they have been making after I notified them of moving out of the property (and digital transcript of moving into another municipality).

De oplossing

They can immediately terminate the services which I requested them to do in October 2019, AND refund the charges they have been making for the service provided at an address I did not live at for the past 6 months.

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    Dear Mr. Mohammed,

    I just send you an email with explanation that's it's been solved.

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