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Ilan J Aberman
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De klacht

at January 13, 2016; i had been called by this company with offer to play with they program, i have agree in condition that i can cancel / stop my part at any time!
the company promises to send me letter with all conditions by post in few days from date of call, which not append, the company letter arrive today only February 17, 2016;
Due that i decided to call in and cancel / stop my part which i can before the 20th of each month!
The company revues to cancel / stop my part to play and ask me to call again after March 1 to do that which mean it will cost me Euro 73,90!

i like to cancel / stop my membership ASAP!
the company have NO e mail address or Post address which i can apply to by writing,

it seems that this is well planned scheme which i unfortunately caught in, the promise to send you all details by post which don't come with in 14 days which this 14 days are the day you cancel this deal!

looking forward for your answer,

Thanks in advance,
Ilan J Aberman

De oplossing

i want to Cancel / Stop my part in this play,
my bank account to be cancel from they system!

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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