Klacht Tele2: I have complaints since 2 years internet is slower then it should be.

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I have complaints since 2 years, Tele2 offered me 50 Mbps but my internet speed is between 10 and 15Mbps when i start complaining they asked me questions how long is the cable what else is attached etc etc, when i answered them they said we will send mechanic he will check if problem is from ur side you have to pay something 90 Euro and if its our problem we will solve it ... what a joke ... and services are bullsh!t no one has manners or way to deal with customers they know nothing but arguing on something which is baseless... my contract was for 1 years when the contract was finished they sent me no notification neither any email, call or sms and the 13th month send me 42 Euro bill which is old contract price ... they just like snatching money from people worst company ever....

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I want the 50Mbps offer is it was offered and promise. and i want my 13th month 42 Euro back because they did not notify or email or any way to let me know the contract is over i had one year contract not 2 years why did they charged me,,,, and i am not going to pay for any mechanic what so ever....

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Bedrijf status


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