Klacht Tele2: Two year warranty denied by tele2

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De klacht

I bought a two year contract with mobile from Tele2. The contract started on 4th of september 2015 with a warranty on the mobile for two years until 3rd september 2017. In august 2017 i sent my mobile for repair to dynafix as advised by tele2 because i was having problems with the mobile. Dynafix told me that my mobile is not under warranty as the warranty expired on 15-may-2017 and for that reason i must pay for repaor. They sent me a bill of 156 euro for repair. I contacted tele2 again to ask for explaination that how come the warrant expired in may 2017 as my contract says its valid untill 3rd september 2017. Tele2 refused to help me and said they can not do anything.

De oplossing

Tele2 must make sure that i get two year warranty as per the contract and Dutch law.

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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