Klacht TennisTicketService.com: Unfair charge of 130 euros for acutaly 30 euro valued ticket

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X. Lin
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De klacht

One month ago , as I didnt know how much the ticket cost, I booked tennis French Open ticket from website ticket office service as it is the first item listed in Google. And the price was 120 euros. As I didnt know the origial price is 30 euros. I thought it could cost 100 euros and plus the administration fees added onto it. Therefore I booked the ticket. But when the ticket was delivered 6 days ago, I found the ticket was actually only valued 30 euros and was very easy to be bought from anywhere else. Therefore I understand they are cheating from the website. I telephoned them and ask for refund. However they think there is nothing they can do.

De oplossing

The website 1. Cancel my ticket and refund my back the money I paid. 2. Refund half of what I paid as a fair ticket service organization without cancelling my ticket.

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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