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I booked a ticket for Portland (PDX) to Amsterdam (AMS) (direct flight) via Travelfrom part of TTN. The flight was scheduled for March 31, 2020. More than a week before the day of departure I contacted Travelfrom, because I had to find out that my flight was canceled. Each time they did not return with options for a new flight and how to act, because I could no longer get to Amsterdam. Until today I have tried to get my full refund of 732 euros. I have submitted a refund request several times, and each time I got a response that the maximum amount of refund was 208 euros, because there was a no-show. Delta, the operating airline, whom I also called several times, indicated that they indeed did cancel the flight and that Travelfrom should have contacted me about this and to inform me about other flight options. But they never did. I have mail traffic about this (with Travelfrom) available. How do I get my money back (I am entitled to that)?

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I would like to receive my money back, due to the fact my flight was cancelled.

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Bedrijf status


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