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De klacht

My family owns Toyota Corolla Verso car (2005).
Bought from Louwman Amsterdam BV (subsidiary of Toyota Nederland).

At some moment we have experienced loosing of power on highspeed road with tough traffic.
There was no indication on the cockpit neither before nor after the incident.
And that is when I have started to wonder if everything is OK with car.

It appears that for this car (specific VIN) existed two recall for safety reason.
The first one known as "vehicle stall" or "power-loss" and happens for various transmission types. For our car model recall was announced on April 2009 and last until April 2012.
That is Customer Satisfaction Campaign 9К3Е-059.
The second one ("Tocata airbug") was announced for our car in November 2018 and is ongoing.
That is Campaign LGG88.

We never were informed by the dealer that there are any recall exists for our car.

When I found about state with recalls I have returned to dealer where car was bought.
But dealer completely ignored both recalls ("vehicle stall" and "Tocata airbug").
When I contacted with the main office of Toyota Nederland - they as well refuse to recognize recalls.
Here is cite from my communication with Toyota Nederland:
"On this moment no CSC campaigns are open on your Toyota."

Only after my indication that this information is not correct - they acknowledge the existence of ongoing CSC for my car but not propose any solution.
So I could conclude that Toyota Nederland (Louwman Amsterdam BV ) refuse to perform of support based on recall and avoid notify the owner of cars if there exists CSC for there cars and refuse acceptance of such cars for service even if owner explicitly indicate recall.
Their staff requires from you that you bring a paper copy of CSC but even after that not acknowledge the existence of such CSC.

Here is descriptions of the same problem for other Toyota owners:

Cite from one of publication on "vehicle stall":
But they said in “rare situations”, the fault could cause vehicles to stall when entering “failsafe” driving mode.

While power steering and braking would remain operational, a vehicle stall while driving at higher speeds could increase the risk of a crash

De oplossing

There are two explicit Customer Satisfaction Campaigns (CSC) which are about the safety of the car and I want that dealer company performed actions in those CSC.

1 reactie

  1. Auteur
    I mean here "Takata airbag recall".
    Toyota Nederland not provided any support even while diagnosis shows that there is problem with airbag and recall is active.
    As well they not informed owners that problem exists.

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