Klacht UPC (nu Ziggo): Disrespuctful and also charged money without service

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I bought a subscription from Ziggo including tv and internet at the beginning of April. However due to corona, they told me that they could not send me a mechanic at that time. I installed by myself even they need to install it as agreed free of charge. My internet is terrible for the last 3 months. I called them last sunday after 10 hours offline of internet. They sent a mechanic for today (03.07.2020). I wanted mechanic to wear plastic wrapper (that i provided) around his shoes for hygiene, he refused and go. In the meantime after 2 hours of trying to access anyone from Ziggo, they told me to return on Monday. Now I see in my email that I charged for 35 euros for being not at home today. I have phone calls with the mechanic at that time, I helped him to lower the bars at the street. You cannot charge fees like that!!

De oplossing

Revert that charge, fulfill the contract with your service you promised to provide

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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