Klacht UPC (nu Ziggo): Upgrade to UPC Horizon not working

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Vivek Kumta
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My UPC client no is 7361283

I recently upgraded from UPC totaal Pakket to UPC Horizon 60MB internet package. I received the Horizon box on Saturday and I tried to connect the box. Everytime during installation I keep getting different error codes. I have made almost 3 calls from my mobile (10cents per min) everytime waiting for almost 1.5 to 2 hours before getting to the horizon support. Currently my Horizon box is constantly restarting with the message 0% r scanning since a day.

The latest I have been told is an engineer will visit me on Thursday to check what is wrong and fix the issue. So for now about 5 days I will have no tv, no phone and no internet at home.

For a product which is supposed to be so easy to use and install this is really a bad start as it takes to long for a user to fix these issues.
My complaint is that this should be fixed sooner and also that the money I spent on phone calls about 40 euros to the helpdesk must be refunded as well.

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Everything should work

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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3 reacties

  1. Auteur
    Vivek Kumta
    Today I went to the UPC store and received a new Horizon Box. Please confirm if the same is now provisioned.
  2. Auteur
    UPC (nu Ziggo)
    Mister Kumta has had contact with UPC Netherlands and the problem has been resolved.Kind regards,
    UPC Netherlands
  3. Auteur
    Vivek Kumta
    Finally after 5 days the Horizon box started working and I also had contact with the UPC team. It is working now. I still am getting the 3070 error sometimes when I use Twonky but this issue can be closed

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