Klacht Usenet.nl: Unauthorized holding on to registration for an account.

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D. Ira
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On May 3 2018 registered on usenet.nl (Via XXV Marzo, 4, 47895 Domagnano, San Marino, C.O.E. SM 22403
) for a free trial period and paid € 1.

Could unfortunately not log in and sent them an e-mail (see screenshot). Got no answer to that and therefore thought that this was some kind of shady business and paid no attention to it and. On May 19th, I saw an incoming direct debit of € 85.41 on my bank account. It turned out that the free period would automatically go into a fixed account. I have the collection blocked by my bank. After having corresponded very much back and forth they do not give me an answer anymore. They said to have not received the mail in question despite having repeatedly sent a screenshot to proof I did.

It is insisted that the € 85.41 is paid, which I have refused so far.

Gewenste oplossing

Discontinuation of the account. This must be very simple for a reliable company.

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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