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I started my contract with Vandebron the 1st february 2019. After several e-mails requedting meter readings, i sent them the 9th february, bit now it realise i sent them by accident to their no-reply address so they claim to never have received them, and making their own assumptions of my meter data at the time. This assumptions are roughly 600m3 of gas more for which they expect me to pay 509 euro (for a two month period in a two-persons appartment) appart from my normal 135 bill per month.

Seeing this i got in contact with them and explain the whole situation. They asked for pictures of the meter readings from the beginning and end of the contract in that address, which i have and i provided. After they claimed they were not valid proof because there was no picture of a newspaper in ot showing the date, so i asked to check the picture file creation details and even offered to bring my phone to their office and show them the original files and emails sent. Not acceptable because "it is not the way to do it".

All this happened through 5 different phone conversations, for more than 3 hours, and several e-mails.

Last monday they charged me the 509 € payment, which i cancelled. I will keep paying for my monthly bill but not that incorrect one but i am afraid now of consequences and feel vulnerable and unprotected in the process of dealing with the company.

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Check the data i provide, and offer a recalculation (i actually think they even need to pay me.back)

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    Dear Mr. Franco,
    Thank you for your review. Let me start by saying that I can imagine that you are unhappy with the fact that you have received a high final bill. You indicate that this happened because you sent the photos of the meter readings to a no-reply address. I would like to look for a solution together with you. In a personal e-mail I will send you this week a message about what we can do for you in this situation. I hope I have informed you sufficiently with this.
    Kind regards,
    Serviceteam Vandebron

Uiteindelijke oplossing

Uiteindelijke oplossing
The agent from Vandebron assigned to the case pretended to do everything on his hand. However, they did not even try to solve the situation. Long story short, my contract was between them and me, and they claimed it was a problem with the operator, which i have no agreement with. Not only I myself had to do research on how the miscalculation happened, but they forced me to pay a bill that corresponds to the contract between the previous tenant with another company. I am quite sure I could have done something on the legal side, but the lack of information, and the continuous threat to sell my debt or proceed with legal actions against me discouraged me to proceed that way. In the end, the customer, the less protected agent involved, has to pay a bill that does not correspond to him because neither the operator or Vandebron want to do so, and they do have the means to threat me. Result: I will pay 509€ that do not correspond to me. Quite convenient for Vandebron.
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