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They called me about supplying energy to my new place and they said about a business plan because I am a freelacer and that it would be better for me and that I needed to have a contract otherwise I would get a fine from Municipality. They made a contract without my final consent while he was explaining how it would work, because I am not from NL and it was the first time dealing with this. But he was still explaining me and said he would call me later because I wanted to check with some friends.
On the record I asked it is possible to hear that I said many times that I didn’t understand and even that I wanted to call after because I didn’t understand but the person was incisive saying that I needed that in that way. He didn’t tell me that the business contract was more expensive, that it is not worth for a residence (as it is my case), that the contract is a 5 years contract and also that I can’t cancel it within 15 days as a private contract. On the sms there was a link to a page and it was all in Dutch and the person was pushing me to click in some boxes without explaining me all those issues of a business contract.
Also that this record was not the only one during the conversation, for he started this summary more than 3 times and interrupted it because I didn’t understand it. Our talk was for about 1 hour and because I didn’t want to sign it and I said I wanted to call later after talking to people that live here and he asked if I wanted to talk to his supervisor to explain it better exactly because it wasn’t clear for me (he was also sure that I didn’t understand). With the record it is not clear that we finished a contract because he was still explaining things and still my email was incorrect and he would call me next week.
After that I contacted the supervisor, Sander, and he said it was clear for them that it was enough to make a contract and that he wouldn't do anything to try to fix that.
My complain is that anything in any moment of the conversation was black and white and I was trying to understand his point of view but apparently for them it was a concise permission, what was absolutely not, as it is possible to hear on the audio they sent me.

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cancelation of the contract with no fee of breaking it.

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    Dear miss Yoshitake,

    We are very sorry to hear that u have a complaint about our services. You can also hear that in de voicelog my colleague you have spoken to tries to make u de meaning of this contract very clear. Several times he has tried to give u an explanation. And after this conversation with my colleague i have called u extra with the question is everything clear now. I also give u an explanation of this contract, u said that everything was clear and you were happy with the servives we provided u.

    Greetings Sander


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