Klacht Viabuy: fraud company to gain the activation fee by scam

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Dear sir or madam:

Hi, I guess that I am not the only victim you’ve ever seen scammed by the company Viabuy and Intrum Justitia.

Okay, the story is like this. I applied the Viabuy mastercard around the end of November last year and did not notice that there is an unclear term saying that I have to pay like 90 euros if I don’t activate the card. There is no place indicating this information on their website or their sign up page (Actually, their website is all about ‘free’). After I received the card in some days, I notice that I need to pay like 70 euros to activate the card. So I quit and left it aside. In the next several weeks, Viabuy sent me several emails to ask me to pay the ‘activation fee’ and I just ignored.

Last week, I got a email from Intrum Justitia saying that I have to pay 90+40 euros to them because the Viabuy have left the collection of fees to them. I then emailed Viabuy to ask about the affair and want to cancel the card since I even have not used their service even once! The Viabuy just ignored my cancellation application and want me to pay the money to Intrum Justitia.

I have searched on the Internet and found a lot of people had the same experience. Here, I have no choice but seek your help. I am wondering if I need to pay Intrum Justitia? If not, please tell me what should I do?

De oplossing

cancel the card with Viabuy and the payment with Intrum Justitia

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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