Klacht Viabuy: They steal money from consumers and force their services on you.

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De klacht

In 2013 I ordered a card from Viabuy because I didn’t want a credit card where I had to pay interest. Viabuy came up in my feed on facebook. Helaas is this business pure thievery. After the first year we sent a letter saying that we did not their card anymore. Every year we get emails saying their sending us a card evey time we send an official “stop setten” email. Viabuy just sends cards and then a €125 bedrag to an incasso bureau that in the end we have to pay. There is no customer service or address of correspondence so when you email to say “stop hou op” they simply say they never recieved an email from you. The last two years we’ve even inschakelde rechtsbijstand verzekering. And rechtsbijstand verzekering each tine says Viabuy says they’ve had no correspondence with you so their service continues to go forward. We’ve never once used their card because the costs are outrages. A card holder has to maintain €25 on the card as a minimium amount that you can not spend and is not refundable. Each charge you make costs €7,80 is service costs. So each item is €7,80 more. And you have a customer service, service charge interest cost of €125. For these reasons we never once used the card and have tried from the beginning to cancel this service.

De oplossing

I want ALL my money back that I’ve had to pay to incasso bureau’s. No more cards sent to me and I think this business shoukd be investigated for thievery.

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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