Klacht Vodafone: Complaint about wrong data consumption 4th of February 2015

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B. Buous
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De klacht

I am writing to dispute an error in the amount, “buiten bundle”, of EUR 825,91 concerning the download of 4.5 Gigs data in Paris the 4/02, at 9.33am in 15 minutes time. Next to the fact that I never downloaded anything, it s technically impossible to do this exploit of downloading this volume in such short time period, and on the top of that from the tube in Paris (4.5 gig in 15 min with a bad 3g connection in a metro)- Internet€ 825,91 - My invoices are pretty consistent for more than 3 yers and my subscription is adapted to those needs . Abroad I use mainly Internet to check my email, browse the web and whatsapp. For the rest I use the Wi-Fi at the office and in the hotels.FYI, All my phone settings, and my iPads are blocked to not do any automatic downloads. Ironically 2 hours later, at 11.22am, I received a SMS telling me that 80 % of my bundle is consumed (2 gigs to 4.5 gigs is more than 200% and not 80%). Even 80% of the 1 gig I have available would have been impossible.

De oplossing

I spent hours explaining on the phone since the 4th of February, from departments to departments or in one of the store in Amsterdam Kalverstraat, and even if everyone agreed that there is something going totally wrong, the conclusion is that there is nothing to do I have to pay.

I am requesting that the error is corrected, the disputed amount corrected as well, and that I receive an accurate statement.Please investigate this matter and correct the billing error as soon as possible.

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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