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De klacht

Recently I made a contract for tv and internet with vodafone. Based on certain conditions that the sales man on vodafone has promised me over phone. The conditions were:
1- taking over contract from my former provider in such a way that I will not end up having no internet, because of delay between them.
2- connect tv which is about 30 meters from the modem
3- give wifi signal extender free of charge for higher floors.
Now my contract with former provider is stopped and vodafone has not yet delivered internet to me. I have called many times for a solution and every time I ended up with no solution. Since I work from home having internet is so important for me. I could not work for the last week because of no internet. This is not acceptable for me.

De oplossing

Connect the internet ASAP!!!

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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