Klacht Vodafone: Reparatie buiten garantie dekking

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E. Causarano
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De klacht

I bought a iPhone 4S through Vodafone as part of a 2 year long contract which is due to expire later this year. Since then the phone has developed 2 problems: the battery has become defective (overheats during recharge and phone use, charges/discharges quickly) and the on/off button has become difficult to operate (but is not completely broken yet.)

The process to send the device for reparation deserved a complaint itself, but it turned to farce when Dynalogic sent me a letter claiming that the phone is not covered by warranty and I need to pay 233 EUR for replacement (or have the device returned in its current condition, plus 36 EUR expenses.)

I filed a complaint to the Vodafone help desk before Christmas and got a reply the 3rd January, stating that Dynalogic's decision was final. All this over the phone, no letter or email of course.

So long for EU consumer law and its statutory warranty provision of 2 years!

De oplossing

I would expect a timely answer - within 5 business days - to this regrettable situation. and I would like the phone to be repaired - within 3 weeks at most - under the two year statutory warranty provided by EU law.

I would like Vodafone to provide the motivation for the initial decision by Dynalogic and Vodafone's agreement to it, together with any factual element (proof) used to justify such decision.

I can provide copies of the Apple Genius Bar report (one of which had been already attached to the initial device check-in) and of the first RMA form initially created at the Vodafone service centre (cancelled to make use of the courtesy phone service.)

Bedrijf status

Bedrijf status


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