Klacht VriendenLoterij: I win cash if 2000euro

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Vrienden lotterij
I have been battling with you over my winning money from you guys,but you refuse to pay me what belong to me.you make me very sad and with my experience you have shown me that you care less about your customers...
You make me very sad today,I saw on my bank account that you took three times 13.25 Euro from my account ,I am a single mother of two ,working hard to survive.I subscribe my self out from you ,shy you still taking money from my account if my details you have is not correct?
I will not accept this,I will take this matter to court and I will make sure I get my right.. Thus is call fraud...
I am done with all the drama..this can't be happening..
I join the lotterij for a good reason not troubles...I am very upset and furious.
Thank you

De oplossing

Terug boeken my money back that you took today..

1 reactie

  1. Auteur
    Dear Mrs Noorderveen,

    We did not receive a message that you would like to cancel your participation. Participation is until further notice.

    Please could you call our Customerservice (Phone 0900-300-1400 50 c per call) or you can use https://www.vriendenloterij.nl/opzeggen-vriendenloterij-formulier.htm for a digital cancellation of your participation. When you fill in this form your participation and a uthorization will be canceled.

    We hope to have provided you with sufficient information.

    With kind regards,


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